Zootopia : A Cross Country Review

Disclosure: this is my last post as part of the Fandango Family Blogger Group. I have so enjoyed working for with Fandango on reviewing movies with my family. And falling in love with the ease of Fandango! Thank you to Fandango for sponsoring my blog and treating me and my family to so many great films!
Zootoptia French Display

When asked to review Zootopia, I was so excited! But then I realized I was going to be in France the weekend it premiered. What to do? Well obviously see it and discuss via FaceTime like a modern family. And with Fandango, I was able to send tickets to my parents via email back in the states.

So here is our cross country, cross generation review!

Granddaddy and Grandma: 70, 73 Love feel good movies especially about sports and music, and musicals, not a fan of animation
The Parents: 40, 43 appreciate good family films with some inside jokes
The Twisters: 9 year old girls who thrive on animal stories

Our family faves:
The Muppets
The Lego Movie
Big Hero 6

Our fave movies for grown-ups: (lately!)
Star Wars

What’s the story: Zootopia is a city for the modern mammal, which may remind you of a city or two you know (cough: New York City.) Habitat neighborhoods range from the ritzy Sahara Square and to frigid Tundratown for our frozen friends. Like NYC, it’s a melting pot where all sorts of animals coexist, a Zootpia. But go getter sunny, Officer Judy Hopps soon discovers that being a trailblazer (the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals) brings some of the city’s flaws into a new light. She’s determined to prove herself and she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case. Her unlikely partner is the slick and sly fox.

What parents may like about this movie: My parents loved the jokes, my husband and I liked hearing familiar voices like Jason Bateman.
What kids will like: The animation is awesome and the story of a little guy taking on the big guys appealed to my tiny daughters. Plus any animal loving kid will be in heaven!
Concerns: There are some pretty serious issues touched on here (assumptions, stereotypes, and discrimination). They will probably be over your kid’s head but be prepared to discuss the themes. There is also a bullying scene which my daughters found troubling.

Bottom Line: IMO, this is a must see. It’s a delightful film with a great theme and positive message. Plus the animation is stunning!
Positive themes: encouraging message, positive reinforcement of talking things out and standing up for yourself, and reference to real issues = 4/5
Violence/scare factor: fight scenes may be intense for younger kids, bullying scenes could be triggering = 2/5 (For more guidelines on the right age to see Zootopia, check out Fandango.
Sex/Romance: none
Bad language: none

For more takes on Zootopia visit Fandango and check out their Mom’s Movie Minute!

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