You CAN Go Home Again

The last two months have been full of goal setting, acheiving, striving, and lots of hard work. What better way to celebrate than with a pre-SXSW Interactive vacation? We flew into Austin early and then drove down to San Antonio, with a stop at the Salt Lick on the way. Incidentally, here is what I thought of Salt Lick:

After filling up on BBQ, we drove down to Blanco to try and visit Real Ale, one of my favorite breweries, but they were closed. They usually only have tours on Friday but we’re hoping to stop by for a brew on Tuesday, my birthday. My husband hopes they let us in because he doesn’t want to see my disappointed face again.

From Blanco, it was about an hour drive to our hotel in San Antonio. We lived in the Alamo city for five years and the drive in was full of us gawking at the changes. Former coworkers of my husband held a small party for us Saturday night where I nommed on amazing Vietmese spring rolls and spent hours chatting with my friend Claire, also known as The Half Hearted Housewife.

Today we dived full on into the surreal by going to eat at our favorite restaurant than driving around our old neighborhood. My stomach got butterflies as we turned onto our street. Soon I saw the bright blue of our house. It looked amazingly the same, down to the Honda in the driveway. We pulled over and got out for a better look. And then, even though my husband begged me not to, I knocked on the door and introduced myself.

The couple could not have been more gracious. They invited us in, showed us around, and talked about the changes they had made and what they still hoped to do. I have to admit, it looked better than when we owned it. They had a more cohesive look and had made improvements we hadn’t gotten to. It was quite surreal, looking around what used to be our home… the house we had our kids in.

We left and drove around a bit more before heading back to the hotel. The changes stayed in my mind all evening, making me think about how we see and treat our homes. I feel inspired to start putting in more of an effort on our home. There were so many things we waited on until we were ready to sell. I want to make the improvements now so I can enjoy them.


  1. I can’t wait to hear about your adventure! So cool that you stopped in at your old house. I graduated from HS in San Antonio but only lived there for about 10 months before I hotfooted it to Austin.

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