Winter Beauty Tips

Yay! February! Even though it came roaring in with our first snow day, I am enjoying winter a little more this month. Sure, it’s snowy but the after Christmas let down is gone and the month is broken up by Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day may be a corporate invention but it’s still a fun excuse to get dressed up or at the very least pamper yourself a bit. After a couple of months of cold, it’s time to take off the woolies and treat your skin right!

Read on for my best tips for winter beauty!
winter beauty essentials

For your lips: Start with gentle exfoliation with a warm washcloth (or try this awesome

  • DIY Rose Sugar Lip Scrub from Philzendia
  • and then add on a layer of EOS Tangerine Medicated lip balm. It’s packed with vitamin E which keeps your lips healthy. All the better for kissing.

    For the face: Though you may be tempted to go with a scrub, resist the temptation. Instead cover your face with a warm washcloth and then clean with an oil based cleaner. The oil doesn’t strip away any of the moisture your skin needs so much in the cold. Follow up with a BB cream with sunscreen to keep your skin tone even and protected from the winter sun reflecting off the snow.

    For the body: Baths, as much as I love them, are a killer for winter skin. Instead, take a warm shower and use one of these DIY body scrubs. Follow up with Eucerin’s oil based calming body wash that helps you maintain your skin’s softness.

    If you’re looking for other ideas to make your Valentine’s Day a little bit more special, I’m sharing a few ideas from my favorite bloggers.


    1. I do love the EOS lip balms. I haven’t seen the tangerine one yet. I need to look for that!

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