Wine Wednesday : Vinho Verde = Perfect Summer Wine

Summertime and the living is easy. And hot. So very hot. When the heat index reaches above ninety, in this household it’s time to pull out the crab wine. Crab wine is our nickname for our favorite vinho verde. What’s that you might ask? Vinho verdes are Portuguese wine whose name translates to “Green Wine” (red or white). That moniker refers to its youthful freshness that leads to a very slight green color. They are very light, fresh, and slightly effervescent.

I first encounted vinho verdes when I moved to San Antonio Texas. After all the California reds I was used to drinking, it tasted like punch. But soon I realized the appeal of it. On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than a favorable white that is easy to drink. And it’s always hot in San Antonio. I’ve drunk this wine on New Year’s Day there.

Now that we’ve moved away I don’t drink it as much but on a hot summer day, my mouth waters for it. In the past few years they have become more popular in the US. So of course the prices have risen. But this is still a budget wine with decent bottles selling for $7 to $9. Plus it is meant to be drunk young. No waiting around for this stuff.

There are many higher rated vinho verdes out there but we still love our classic crab wine, Santola which retails for around $7. I recommend picking up multiple bottles. It does go down easy.

What is your favorite wine to drink in the summer?


  1. Isn’t it vinho?

    • You are so right Sarah. I kept looking at this last night before I hit submit knowing something was wrong but my tired brain couldn’t process what.

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