Why Choose An All Inclusive?

all inclusive

One day, not so long ago, I swore I would never travel to an all inclusive. Those places were for the boring. I was ready to forge my own path, even if sometimes that path led me to a motel on the side of the road in Venice that was so loud that I didn’t sleep a wink.

So why did I just book Social Media on the Sand as my Fall conference?

Well it all goes back to my husband’s fortieth birthday. With two six year old girls, all we wanted to do was relax and not think about anything. At all.

So we booked a luxury all inclusive. Everything was taken care of meals, drinks, towels, room service. The list goes on. And the real bonus? It didn’t cost that much more than our sprints across far flung locales.

Actually the real bonus, was the fact that we didn’t argue once the whole time. Funny how taking the decisions and stress out of a trip will do that. So is an all inclusive right for you? Chose one if the following applies:

-You enjoy a drink or two. Alcohol on any trip can add up but with luxury all inclusives one set price gets you a drink whenever you feel like.
-You want to relax. If you need a break from a life, an all inclusive lets you leave the worry behind. Once you have booked, there are no decisions to be made. Most will even pick you up from and take you to the airport.
-You enjoy a lay on the beach.

Exotic vacations will definitely still be on the agenda, but even those can be all inclusive since tour operators like First Choice run luxury all inclusives in locales like the southwest coast of Turkey, Spain, and Cyprus.

Our budget backpack days as well as road trips may be the norm but we are making room for a refreshing trip to the beach via a resort every year or so. After all, it’s nice to hand over the reins to someone else for a change!

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