Welcome Summer

By the way, this post is in partnership with U.S. Cellular!

Even though school ended last Wednesday, I consider this our official welcome to summer week! We’re starting it off with a bang tomorrow night with a sleepover at the St. Louis Zoo. We’re going to be sleeping under the sea lion tunnel. How cool is that?

Then we’re off into the whirlwind of summer. I know it’s supposed to be all about lazy days, and I am sure we will have plenty of those, but there’s so much that we want to do that a little planning definitely has to be part of it if we want to fit everything in. I want to use tech so we can use #BetterMoments all year long. When we use them right, devices can help simplify and enhance summer so we can spend more time doing the things we love, like spending time with family and friends or relaxing at the pool.

That’s where technology becomes a lifesaver. I have added a few apps to the girls’ iPhone5 to so they can follow along with our plans. I find summer a great time to introduce new routines. I am hoping that by getting them used to organization during the summer, it will follow into the school year.

Here’s what I added:

-Google Calendar: Since the rest of our devices are Android, this app connects the girls to our family schedule. I love keeping a family calendar. It helps organize our busy summer schedules in one convenient place. This app allows users to sync calendars across multiple devices, and push notifications will help ensure that we are actually where we are supposed to be.

-Yahoo Weather app: The girls love going to the pool but ours closes during storms. The news that it’s closed comes so much better from the phone from me. This app offers detailed information on wind, precipitation, sunrise and sunset times and provides twice daily notifications. There’s no talking back to it.

Snapseed: For those looking to edit and share their favorite summer memories, Snapseed offers pro-level photo editing capabilities in an intuitive, user friendly interface that is great for perfecting photos taken on your phone. But the girls use Snapseed to share their photos via email to their grandparents and friends.

With the strength of U.S. Cellular’s high-quality network and national coverage, U.S. Cellular smartphone and tablet users can access these helpful apps whether at home or on vacation this summer. It’s great to put the tech down and recharge. But I prefer to pick those moments than have it picked for me.

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