Week of Chocolate : Angell Organic Candy Bars

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is barely two weeks away? I admit that we are not big Valentine’s Day people, no fancy gifts in our household. Our celebrating is usually limited to a decorated breakfast table and a picnic dinner at home. And oh, lots and lots of chocolate eating.

Chocolate, how I love it. But as I have gotten older my taste buds have gotten snobby and decided that the regular old drugstore candy bar just won’t do. Luckily gourmet chocolate has gone mainstream and there are tons of options to please my picky taste buds. In honor of Valentine’s day I thought I would share some of my finds with you.

Angell Organic Candy Bars

First off, Angell Organic candy bars. I received some of these to review in December and planned to share them with visiting family. The only problem was, I couldn’t stop myself from scarfing them down. But really, can you blame me. I mean they are almost healthy really. They only have 5-7 ingredients per bar, all of which you can actually pronounce. And there’s no GMO products or corn syrup. Best part? There’s less than 200 calories per bar. And no guilty conscience: Angell candy bars are fair trade.

All flavors are kosher and the Angell Crisp is gluten free and the Dark Angell is vegan. You can find them at a store near you as well as online. They are around $2 each.


  1. They sound yummy, love that they are only $2 sometimes bars like this are waaaay overpriced.

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