Wednesday Drinks : Sparkling Candied Apple

Sparkling Candied Apple Halloween Cocktail

In honor of All Hallows Eve, here’s a spooky Hallowen cocktail perfect for pre trick or treating.
And it is so easy to make!

Sparkling Candied Apple
Makes 1 drink

1 ounce Red Apple Schnapps or liqueur
Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry
Gummy worms, spider rings, or vampire teeth for garnish

Pour Red Apple Schnapps into martini glass and top with Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry. Garnish with gummy worms or your favorite Halloween treats or decorations!


  1. Oh my – this sounds delectable! I want to send this to my friend who’s having a Halloween party tomorrow so that she can serve them!!

  2. I love this recipe – perfect for our Halloween party tonight!

  3. Man, that looks so good! But, is the only time I can make it is right before Halloween?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Sounds perfect for a halloween party. Love the garnish as well. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  5. Kimberly D says:

    I love this! Not just for HALLOWEEN but year round ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Melanie S. says:

    Pre trick or treating cocktails? Love it! I’ll have to give my husband the shopping list for this one.

  7. What a smart and fun idea!! I’d love a pre-trickotreating cocktail!

  8. That would be an awesome addition to MY halloween night! Looks yummy!

  9. Ummm….yum.
    I think these could be addictive.

  10. Lol, it’s like you are talking a foreign language to me. We don’t drink alcohol at all, so I haven’t a clue what the main ingredients are.

  11. Pretty sure I’d very, very much enjoy this lovely cocktail. Girls’ night!

  12. That is easy enough that I could make it. We are having a get together this weekend, it is a late Halloween party so I will try this out.

  13. This would be great for a Halloween Girls Night. Forget the trick or treating.

  14. Perfect for the occasion and it sounds like it would be quite tasty. This would be perfect for a Halloween party!

  15. The Sparkling Candided apple sounds wonderful. Bad thing is… I can’t drink any longer. Not so fun to be me anymore.

  16. We dont drink alcohol but love the idea of the spider garnish

  17. I would love to drink this while wearing a vampire costume!

  18. Now this is just the thing that I’m going to need after all of the bustling and activities tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Now that looks really good! I would love one please!

  20. I might try this since we are having a Halloween party thanks for sharing

  21. This looks and sounds delicious. An elegant Halloween drink! Wish I was having one tonight! Happy Halloween!

  22. Weee doggie I bet that added some kick to your party! Now that’s a drink;)

  23. I throw a kids party each year, but I need to do an adult one sometime so I can serve up yummy drinks like this!

  24. I love the photo set-up for this post. The dress looks very inviting! Happy Halloween.

  25. i don’t think i’ve ever heard of Freixenet Cordon Negro Extra Dry – what kind of alcohol is it?

  26. Oh wow these sound great!!! I sure could use some of that right now.

  27. I don’t drink but this looks tempting. lol! Happy Halloween!

  28. This looks so good!!! I’ve got to give this a try i hit up the liquid store. All I have is wine…lol

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