Want, Wear, Read, Need


Want: New Sheets
Wear: Old Navy Summer Wardrobe
Read: all of Tana French‘s books
Need: yummy snacks
(This new blogging series is inspired by this SimpleKids post. This post contains affiliate links.)

Want: The owner of Living Fresh Collection recently send me a set of pillowcases as a gift because she saw me tweeting about my horrid allergies. This is marketing at its best people. Because now I totally want a set of the sheets. The pillowcases are super soft with a slightly silky feel. More importantly, I haven’t been blowing snot every morning since I started using them. And as a bonus, they are made with environmental super star eucalyptus.

Wear: Every year I hit Old Navy for some summer clothes. Their skirts and tshirts keep me cool and comfortable while running around for two and a half months with the terror twins. Hint: They also sell GIANT insulated cups which are fabulous for iced tea. Or sangria. Just saying. Want to see what I picked? Check out my Summer Fashion Pinterest Board.

Read: The other day I saw that Tana French has written a whole series. How did I miss that? I picked up In the Woods
to reread and her subsequent three books to devour. I love me a mystery that’s as much about the people solving it as it is about the people who did it.

Need: Yummy, healthy snacks. I am currently doing the Revolt Fitness program and am getting tired of bananas. Any favorite healthy snacks?


  1. Those sheets sound great! Maybe I should complain about my monstrous allergies, too. As for healthy snacks, I am into avocados lately. I have been having a little avocado with my Udi’s in the morning. I also find that carrots and apples fill me up. Like the new feature!

  2. Healthy snacks? I love carrots dipped in fresh guacamole!

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