Want, Wear, Read, Need : 4/25


Want: Ticket to BlogHer’s Pathfinder day
Wear: Mightee Kids TShirt
Read: Chanel Bonfire: A Memoir
Need: Capabunga

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(This new blogging series is inspired by this SimpleKids post. This post contains affiliate links.)

Want: Since my project hasn’t really gotten off the ground, I am considering attending Pathfinder Day to get myself some direction. I was hoping for motivation from Blissdom but that really didn’t happen. I think the Your Blog as a Change Agent would give me a good kick in the arse. I just need the $152 to pay for it. I think there’s a plasma place in town. Hmm.

Wear: A couple of weeks ago Mightee Kids was nice enough to send the terror twins their latest tee: I Will Thrive. I just adore this company. For $20, your kid gets a high quality, adorable, designed tee along with a card that explains the charity (with tips to open the conversation!) And $5 of the price goes directly to the charity. Win/win. Watch my Instagram stream for pictures of the girls in it.

Read: If I ever have self doubts again as a mother, I am going to reread Chanel Bonfire: A Memoir. Words cannot describe the crazy upbringing Wendy Lawless went under. Would love to see a book from her sister who ended up going to Stephens College right here in CoMo. A good fiction companion to this book is The Chocolate Money which is only $6.38 on Amazon right now!

Need: If you are a wine drinker, you need Capabunga. Trust me. It is the easiest way to seal a wine bottle EVER. Thank you to Capabunga for saving me from “having” to finish the bottle. Smooches for sending me two of these. My friends have only stolen one so far.


  1. What a fun compilation of new ideas! I LOVE this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love this idea! ๐Ÿ˜€ TY for sharing

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