Upgrade Your Tailgate!

This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club the place to tailgate, I mean get your tailgating stuff, Sam’s Club. But honestly, I could tailgate right there! Awesome food samples and cheap hot dogs. What more could a fan ask for? Well a lot more it seems.

Now days, tailgating is a competitive sport. And it’s not just about the food anymore, it’s also about the entertainment. I love checking out some of the setups when I am cruising the parking lots. At first, I thought the people with the TVs were crazy but when you’ve got a cross fan family. Well they almost become a necessity.

So if you’re going to go big, here are some tailgating upgrades from Sam’s Club.

If you’re building the ultimate tailgate, start with the 65″ Samsung LED 1080p 3D Smart HDTV
Sams Club TV
then partner it with a Samsung Soundbar
Samsung Soundbar tailgating
to ensure that the plays can be heard over all the fun.

But even with all the bells and whistles, the most important part of a tailgate is still the food. Grilling is a tailgate mainstay, but don’t forget about the side dish. With the Wolfgang Puck 10-Cup Digital Multicooker you can get fancy or go simple with my favorite cook out classic: baked beans.

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