Tuesday Tidbits : Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine’s Day a few days early! This week is going a LOT more smoothly than last, thanks to the chicklets actually having school. Until Friday when they are out for a four day weekend. I am running out of amusement ideas. Have some to share with me? Comment and let me know. In exchange here are some tasty tidbits of info that landed in my in box!

The Best Fast Food Dishes to Eat : who says you have to spend a bunch on a fancy dinner? Head to your local outpost for one of these and clink your sodas to celebrate how much money you saved by not booking a ressie for the 14th.

Need a quick snack? My yogurt covered strawberries are healthy and delicious!

Show your mail person that you care by leaving this free printable for them with a treat. After all they are headed out through sleet and snow, and there’s been an awful lot of that this year!

One Canoe Two Free Printable Mailman

Looking for something non-candy to spread the love (and definitely not the germs?) The Guavalicious Life approved Boogie Wipes and Mist has the perfect Valentine:

Each Boogie Box of Love Contains
€ (3) 30 count packs of Boogie Wipes (Grape, Unscented, Fresh)
€ (2) 10 count packs (Fresh, Grape)
€ (1) pack of Berry Blasters
€ (1) Boogs Plush
€ (1) 3 oz. can of Boogie Mist (Fresh Scent)
€ (10) Sample Size Sachets of Boogie Wipes

All these items are just $17 with FREE SHIPPING! At retail this would cost $25.50. Hurry, this exclusive box
will disappear after 8pm PST on Valentine’s Day. Buy now at shop.boogiewipes.com. US only.

Or if you are in an anti Valentine mood like me, check out this post I wrote about the Valentine’s Day excess: Valentine’s Day Equals Christmas the Revenge.

Have you seen the two adorable Canadian sweetheart ice skaters? I wouldn’t mind being kissed by Charles Hamelin.

For more Olympic facts, check out this Sochi infographic.


  1. How adorable are those two skaters!! Thanks for sharing that – it made me smile!

  2. I love the mailman card! I feel so bad for our mailman right now with all of the snow. What a fun surprise to give out.

  3. I love the mailman card, so cute! Boogie Wipes are fabulous, I need to restock my supply.

  4. My mom always remembered our mailman at all the holidays. Such a cute post!

  5. Yogurt covered strawberries sounds yum. My son would love me to bits if I whipped up a few!

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