Travel Tuesday : Traveling With Rosacea

In previous blog posts, I have talked about my struggle with Rosacea. It’s not all bad though; I
was able to attend the BlogHer conference with my ticket sponsored by So
something good came out of all the flushing!

However, I was nervous about the trip and about our trip to Iceland.
Some of the biggest triggers of rosacea are seasonal weather conditions, emotional
stress, exercise, alcohol consumption and spicy foods.

Let’s see, I usually am known to consume a drink or two at BlogHer parties and though the
conference is awesome, it is amazingly stressful too. One moment I am happy and can’t get
enough but the next I am exhausted and just want to be left alone.

And then there’s the whole trip, going from humid New York to well, Iceland. Hello weather change!
Add in hiking and all the lamb stew and remoulade laden hot dogs (seriously, Iceland is known
for them, look it up) and well I was afraid I would look like a big tomato in all of those scenic
glacier shots.

Fortunately there are preventative steps. As they say, the best defense is a good offense.

It’s an extra step but I always take care to do the following:

1. Pack my skin care with me in my carry on. I decant mine into smaller TSA approved
bottles. I don’t want to risk trying something new.
2. Be extra vigilant with sun protection. I always bring my natural sunscreen stick with me every where.
3. Keep up with my routine, even though I just want to sink into bed. Consistency is so

For more information about rosacea, visit

Disclosure: I am a RosaceaFacts Ambassador, sponsored by Galderma Laboratories, L.P. I was provided with a free BlogHer conference pass, in exchange for my efforts in spreading the word about Rosacea awareness.


  1. Passing this link on to a friend, great tips!

  2. great tips and glad you don’t let it stop you from traveling!


  3. Honestly, I would have never known you had issues with rosacea. I’ve never even noticed you being flushed!

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