Travel Tuesday : Toyota and Audubon Ask Drivers to Exit the Highway This Summer

(Photo from ShanaMama)

Do you family road trips include any of the following:

  • Visiting a snake farm in Texas?
  • Checking out the “Love Motel for Insects” in New York?
  • Viewing the Corn Palace in South Dakota?

No? Well you’re missing out on the many curiosities and unique scenery our country has to offer. And it’s not all about the man made stuff. Taking the scenic road means seeing natural wonders that will knock your socks off.

Toyota and the National Audubon Society are teaming up this summer to ask Americans to Exit the Highway and pledge to spend more time taking scenic roads. Highlighting nearly 100 nature destinations in more than 60 cities, the campaign is also rewarding nature seekers.

For every initial pledge and for every photo of a nature stop shared online at, participants are entered to win a Toyota Prius V! That’s what I am talking about.

The website also offers road trip itineraries inspiration for a day outdoors or an unexpected stop on your next road trip. You can map an itinerary to suit their travel plans or use them as inspiration for some family fun. Not near a highlighted city or region? You can suggest your own local nature spots to the Exit the Highway community by uploading a photo of your favorite nature location at

To start your own adventure, take the pledge at, or In addition to taking the pledge, the Exit the Highway website also allows you to:

  • Earn bonus entries into the Toyota Prius v sweepstakes by sharing photos tagged with #exitthehighway via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts or manually uploading photos at
  • Explore nearly 100 nature destinations (70 of which are free to the public) along with a link to details and hours of operation.
  • See itineraries that utilize Google Maps for point-to-point directions.
  • Recommend favorite nature stops in your area to other nature seekers.
  • Get personal recommendations from local leaders with a passion for caring for the environment.

Did I convince you? Will you be taking the road less taken this summer?


Disclosure: I am part of the Toyota Women Influence Network. I have not been compensated for this post. Opinions are my own.


  1. Just took a road trip, but my grumpy husband didn’t want to stop for photos. Barely wanted to stop to use the restroom. Next time, I’m going on my own and will take the scenic route. This is a great idea!

  2. The only road trips we’ve taken in the last year are either to Tulsa airport or Dallas airport LOL But if it’s just the kids and I, I always stop at least once to stretch our legs and usually take a photo.
    I am hoping once it cools down a little bit to take the littles exploring out here. There is so much beautiful nature just waiting to be discovered out here.

  3. What a cool campaign!!! And yes – I just wrote about taking an impromptu exit on the highway and finding 100-year old glass factory (still working) and a designer glass outlet and art gallery. We do stuff like this all the time, love it!

    • I love that Katja! We used to be great about exploring the unknown but since we had the girls we have gotten bad about it. Now that they are older I hope we get back to wandering.

  4. I love taking the country roads and exploring the sites. Right now since the boys are so small and can’t tolerate being in the car for a long time we don’t get to explore as often as I’d like. Hopefully, when they get older we will be able to exit the highway and find all the wonderful hidden treasures along the way.

  5. We took the single lane route home from our camping experience and it was MUCH more scenic. I think we actually made better time, too, since we didn’t get the standstill city traffic.

    • We actually ended up driving around Jefferson City and eating at a local brewery on our way home. So we managed to take the scenic route too. 😉

  6. That’s a really good idea. It would be fun to stop places I’ve never been before and explore them with the kids.

  7. Love this! Try the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, TX. We went once when we lived in TX and got to sample rattlesnake. Like everything else, it kinda tastes like chicken. 🙂

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