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Terror Twins Halloween
We had such a blast yesterday! The girls always surprise me with their Halloween choices. This year they cycled through a few ideas before settling on a bunny and a mummy.

Though we usually make our costumes, we ended up buying a bunny outfit for Calamity Jane since the late decision tested my limited crafting skills. But Desmonda Drama’s costume was all handmade. If you can call outfitting your child in a thermals and wrapping her in toilet paper handmade.

She looked great before we left the house but left a trail of toilet paper all over the neighborhood. Once we got to our playgroud’s annual party, the husband decided costume triage was in order. Our bed sheet was sacrificed only to also come apart. Lesson learned.

In honor of the holiday, I did my own transformation and did my hair and put on lipstick. Amazing what a difference that makes. Check it out…

Give it a try yourself. There’s something to this whole feeling better when you look better thing. And when you do, you could win some pretty awesome prizes. Click through to find out how!

Image 1

Share your hair transformation with a before and after split pic and the hashtag #TresemmeTransformation for a chance to win a TRESemmé prize pack! One winner will be selected every week.

Step 1: Snap a picture of your “before” hair.
Step 2: Style and transform your look!
Step 3: Capture your “after” hairstyle.
Step 4: Use a photo collage app or side-by-side photo app to post your photo to Instagram using the hashtag #TresemmeTransformation.
Step 5: Fill out the form below and submit your Instagram link.

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Prize pack includes:
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