Top Ten Things I Want To Do This Fall

image from Bleubird Vintage, attributed to Cobrasn to write a Yay Fall post


This week I had planned to write a “Yay Fall!” post. Then came eighty degree weather and I didn’t spent my day shaking my fist at Mother Nature and laying on our couch sweating because I refuse to turn the air conditioning back on. But I believe in wishful thinking so…

Top Ten Things I Want To Do This Fall

1) Be the Cool Trick or Treat House: I am not out to lure the kids in with full size candy bars. Oh no, it’s the adults I am after. It may be a suburban myth but someone told me about a house in the neighborhood that hands out mulled wine to the moms and dads escorting their little candy hoarders around. I’ve never found it but this year I intend to be it. Now to get my husband on board and get him to brew a special beer for it.

2) Take A Weekend Trip: We had such a fun time on a our mini summer vacation with the girls that I want to repeat the experience with a Fall theme. If you have a suggestion on where we should go (within a four hour drive), hit me.

3) Take A Weekend Trip: But this time without the girls. Fall is our traditional time to travel. I am thinking city; I am thinking cold weather; I am thinking beer.

4) Fall In Love With A Pumpkin Drink: People get all excited about their pumpkin lattes. I am not feeling it. But what else is a mobile office for? I am totally up to the challenge of finding one I must drink.

5) Take Leaves Pictures: Last year we threw the girls in our newly created compost which was full of leaves. Serious cuteness overload. We won’t be doing that this year since it is now an actual compost bin but we will definitely be finding some other pile of leaves to shower over them.

6) Carve Pumpkins With The Girls: Somehow we have never done this. That will be rectified this year. And pictures will be taken.

7) Roast Pumpkin Seeds: Evidently this is easy. So why haven’t I done it before?

8 ) Reignite My Love Affair With My CrockPot: It uses little electricity, doesn’t drive up my gas bills, and fills my house with tantalizing aromas. We need to get reacquainted. I just need to find recipes that don’t involve saltines and cheese (shudder.)

9) Cider Doughnuts: Preferably while sitting on hay and drinking hot cider.

10) Getting Our Festival On: Oh fall festivals with your pumpkin treats, hayrides, and random crafty items, how I love you.

What’s on your must do list for Fall?


  1. I cannot wait for Fall fun! The leaf pile photo HAS to happen this year. We had so much fun last year doing the pumpkin picking, hay ride, petting zoo, corn maze thing…I think we’ll do it a few times this year 🙂
    Wonder if Alexa will dig carving a pumpkin this year?
    Oh, and cider donuts are the shit like year round, but the best when the weather cools down.

  2. Hey Kate,
    ok, best place for leave pics, for sure Stephen’s park!
    I really like Peachtree Farms for Autumn stuff, but then we went to Rombach’s Farm in Chesterfield and that place was fantastic!They haven’t updated their site for this year, but it’s
    Last Summer the Parade insert in the paper did this awesome thing on festivals all over the country. Two that are coming up, that are driveable are American Royal BBQ in KC ( and World Food Festival in Des Moine (
    Last thing.. here’s a great idea for the crockpot

  3. This sounds like a fantastic fall list!

    For family travel, I’d suggest looking into YMCA Trout Lodge in Potosi. (Disclaimer: I used to be their marketing director.) Prices are mostly all-inclusive (you have to pay for things like horseback rides or climbing walls), but there are dozens of activities, and the location is beautiful when the leaves change colors.

    I also adore my Crock Pot, so if you find any good fall recipes that don’t include saltines and cheese, please share them!

    Looking forward to seeing you at #140SmallTown!


  4. There is a book that I have on my must list (just haven’t gotten there yet) that you would totally appreciate – Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cook Book by Beth Hensperger and Juile Kaufmann.

  5. The Southern Fried Bride says:

    New follower. Love your blog!

  6. For awesome slow cooker recipes, check out Cook’s Illustrated’s new(ish) cookbook: Slow Cooker Revolution. There’s some great stuff in there.

    And the Shryock’s corn maze is on my to-do list every fall, and we’re finally going to do it this year (probably).

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