Top Ten Happy Things

If you follow me on Twitter you might have heard that I was run over on Sunday. Literally. I fell off a hayride and got run over by the trailer. And I am fine. Well fine being just bruised and banged up. It’s kind of put a damper on my week. I was all ready to take on the world and now it hurts to walk and it’s hard to work since the Vicodin is making me woozy. Thank goodness for the following things that have kept me going.

Top Ten Happy Things

1. Facebook groups: I love these small groups of friends who keep me laughing and learning.

2. South by Southwest: Got the word today that I am speaking at South by Southwest. I submitted a panel discussion with my friends Jen Reeves and Rob Hummel and I am thrilled that they accepted it. We will be discussing uniting the special needs community through technology and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

3. My husband: He came down with a really bad bacterial infection Sunday. Which sucks for him but is excellent for me because I have had company in my misery. And time together reminds me how much I like the guy.

4. Arnicare: I have written before about how much I love this stuff but wow, it really does work. I didn’t realize one spot had been affected until yesterday and didn’t rub any Arnicare on it. Guess what? It’s the only spot with a bad bruise.

5. Doing less: I’ve been forced to take it easy this week and I really like it. It feels good to just say no.

6. Books: Sometimes I forget how much I love to read. Until I have a big chunk of time to do it. Then I devour a book a day. Feeds my soul.

7. This post about the perfect mom drink.

8. My iPhone: Allowed me to keep in touch without balancing the laptop because that hurts.

9. Nine hours of sleep last night. Sleep rules.

10. Funny Facebook videos.

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