To Feingold or Not to Feingold

The Feingold Diet is occupying my mind these days. One of my focus areas on my list of resolutions and commitments is how we eat. But I wasn’t expecting to concentrate on it so soon. Then I came to terms with the fact that at least one, and probably both, of my girls has ADHD.

The Feingold Diet is supposed to curb many ADHD and ADD and even Autism behaviors. A friend of mine has used it with great success. At first I will all bandwagoned up and then I checked out the site and saw it’s $70 for PDFs.

I mean I get it. Websites don’t pay for themselves and materials cost money and so on. Yet I am still having problems paying for something that I have so little understanding off. The main points seems to be avoiding artificial dyes (which we do) and preservatives (which we could be better about). Then there are things like getting rid of corn syrup, MSG, HVP, etc. The thing I was not familiar with was the elimination of salicylates (which occur naturally in foods like citrus.)

There’re a lot I would do to make life better for my girls but I also want to make sure I am putting my money where it will be best spent. Especially since we will be covering more therapy costs than we did last year. What I am going to do is work on weaning us completely off of processed foods. And doing some small scale elimination work.

Also, couldn’t they write a book, sell it on Amazon, and just sell access to the website for updated lists?

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