Three Smartphone Apps That Help With Home Decorating

3 smartphone apps that help in home decorating

Every time I open a home design magazine, I fall in love with at least one room displayed on its pages. I tear it out with the full intention of looking back on it when I (finally) redo a room in my house.

Does this sound familiar? I have a folder that I keep in my magazine rack. It is stuffed full of pages I have torn out of home design magazines. There isn’t very much rhyme or reason to my “Design Ideas” folder, but I keep it anyway. I very rarely look back in this folder, but I keep it anyway. Most times, it is covered with dust, but… you guessed it… I keep it anyway.

Obviously, this is not working for me, so recently I went in search of ways I can feed my designer wannabe habit without buying magazines and without my little-used, dusty “Design Ideas” folder. As I do with many things lately, I turned to my smartphone. This little contraption must be filled with ways to save me, right? Right! Here are three smartphone apps I found to help me with my home decorating ideas.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Have you ever heard of Houzz? It is a website devoted to everything home (inside and out). You can get inspiration for architecture, interior design, gardens and more. They also have an app called Houzz Interior Design Ideas that is available for both the iPhone and Android smartphones. You can browse by location, style and room, and then clip your favorites to your virtual ideabook for later. You have access to design professionals and a user forum for interaction. You can download this free app on their site at the bottom of the right-hand column.


The Dwell magazine is devoted to modern architecture and design. With the Dwell app, it brings all of the magazine’s beautiful, modern design to your smartphone. This free app consists of videos and slideshows full of the best in modern design. You can also integrate the app with Facebook and Twitter so you can share all of your favorite finds!

3D Interior Room Design

Take your two dimensional ideas and see what they will look like in 3D with this app from Udesignit. For now, the paid app ($4.79) consists of designing the surfaces of the room (walls, floors, doors, windows), but in later versions they promise to include furniture to complete your room’s look. I have a horrible time visualizing what my ideas will look like, so this app is great for me! Download the Android version here.

With these apps, I am excited that I may be able to get rid of my magazines, and possibly part with my “Design Ideas” folder. Have you tried one of these smartphone apps? What did you think?

photo credit: Johan Larsson via photopin cc

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  1. Thanks for the guest post opportunity, Kate!

  2. Thank you! I love to experiment with what I’d like to do beforehand to see if it will look right. 😀 Can never have enough apps!

  3. Ooooh! I love this post! I want to try the Udesignit app!! SO FUN!

  4. Who knew this was out there. I am horrible with decorating so I will be trying some of these out. I figure after living in my house for 4 years, it is time to finally attempt to decorate it.

  5. Thank you, I love how convenient apps make everything. 🙂

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