Things I Love : Method Detergent

Sometimes you just want to talk about the everyday things you love. It’s the little things that make my day. Be it that cup of extra strong tea or a good book. So why not have a series about it?

I felt a little ashamed of myself when I read my sister-in-law’s blog post about what she uses to clean. Usually I am so frugal and I totally trust in the cleaning power of white vinegar. But I have an addiction. To Method.

Since the beginning of their company, I have been hooked on the high of their cute packaging, clever names, pleasant smells, and eco friendliness. I even carry their lavender wipes in my suitcase when I travel. I know; I am weird.

But my favorite product is their laundry detergent. I wasn’t using Method for my all too frequent laundry duties until they came out with their super concentrated 20oz bottle. It takes up almost no room and lets me dispense right into the washer with one hand. Nice for those mornings when I was up five times the night before and am barely able to turn the washing machine on.

If you’re like me and have a slight obsession with Method, you can head to their Facebook page and add your love note to laundry detergent to their music video. Check it out below and then head over to their Facebook to add yours. They’ll love you back by giving you a $2 off coupon.

Leave me a comment with what you’re going to tell them and I will pick my favorite (okay to be fair I will pick at random) and Method will send the laundry detergent lover a bottle.

Disclosure: This lovefest for Method was made possible by Mom Spark Media but obsession confession was totally my own. I was given a bottle of Method detergent gratis. Don’t tell them I would have done it for nothing.


  1. I haven’t tried their detergent, but it would be right up my alley because I love their floor cleaner.

  2. La, la love their hand soap, would love to try the detergent!

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