The Two Dollar Gift Any Dad Will Love

Cheap Gift For Dad

Still need something for Father’s Day? Well if you live within driving distance of a Walgreens, you can make an awesome gift for just a dollar. For reals! And it only takes a minute or two!

Don’t believe me? click though and find out how!

Step 1: Head to‘s photo center.
Step 2: Click on prints and click to create a 8×10 collage.
Step 3: Import photos from Facebook and arrange to your liking.
Step 4: Check out and enter 863CT7AND1 (coupon code good through June 30th, 2014) in promo code box, your order will be free with pick up.
Step 5: Pick up collage, place in 8×10 frame from your favorite dollar store, wrap!


  1. The coupon code isn’t working 🙁

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