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I know everyone says that they are “that mom” but folks, I really am.


  • People often stare at me in public
  • I get offered parenting advice by strangers and family alike
  • Moms avoid me at the playground
  • My kids have been uninvited to birthday parties
  • We’ve been asked to leave the library
  • I regularly forgot diapers when out and about
  • My babies have not only been at a bar, they’ve been breastfed at one

Everyone says kids change you. And mine definitely changed me. They made me care way less about what people thought of me. And made me care way less about what other people are doing. Why waste your time concentrating on other people’s lives? Tattoos aren’t my bag, but if they were I would have “F@3K Them” tattooed on my wrist as a reminder that it matters very little what other people think of me and how I am raising my kids. In the end, I know that they are happy, healthy, and loved.

My Strong Mom Manifesto is what was written on the wall of my ECFE classroom in Minnesota.


The day you believe that is the day you are set free from the worry.

Today, I am encouraging you, yes you, to go to Strong Moms Empower and take the pledge.
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Take the StrongMoms Empowerment Pledge

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  1. Mary Welters says:

    Ever since you first told me that phrase I have taken it as my own. It is also something I regularly share with my new mom friends when they ask for advice. It truly is freeing and allows my to focus on the important things. Loving my kids and showing them the world around them.

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