The Perfect Swimsuit Wardobe

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Swimsuit Wardrobe

Polo Ralph Lauren black bathing suit
$140 –

Halter swimsuit

Black white hat
$60 –

Now I know what you are thinking… swimsuit buying is hell and now I want you to buy more than one? But stay with me here. Building up a swimsuit wardrobe is essential to enjoying actually being in a swimsuit. When you feel good and confident in a suit, you will actually WANT to go to the pool. And even get in the water.

Here’s how to get that confidence!

What you need:
-A bikini: Ha! Just kidding! What you do need though is a suit that you absolutely love and are happy to wear. I call this the “confidence suit.” You feel great in it and you don’t mind wearing it around anyone from your boss to your frenemy. I find the Land’s End line to have something that is flattering on almost everyone but it doesn’t have to be expensive. My confidence suit is from Old Navy and cost me $22. Invest an afternoon or day in finding this suit. Don’t be afraid to try all styles.
-A workhouse suit: Everyone needs a tank or similar style suit that is meant to be worn while swimming, a lot. This suit should cover you up, keep the girls in, and be easy to throw on.
-A rashguard: Skin cancer is not joke. And the only way to really protect yourself is a great rash guard. If you are going to be swimming for an extended time, you need to have one of these on. It keeps your shoulders and chest covered. No more worrying about reapplying sunscreen.
-A great sun hat: Consider this as essential as a suit from this point forward.

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  1. I love that black and white hat. I burn easily but never thought to wear something like that.

  2. I really like the halter swimsuit. I generally go with suits that come up a bit higher in the front.

  3. That halter suit is the cutest!! I love it! I need a rash guard type top, I have such fair skin, it’s the only way to keep me from getting sunburned!


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