The Moments Between the Milestones : Hallmark Tour

As I wrote about in one of my BlogHer posts, I don’t get a lot of invites to blogging events. When you live in a town of 100,000 getting together with your friends pretty much is a blogging event. So when I do get invited to an event it is usually two hours away in St. Louis or Kansas City. I usually mull it over, look at my schedule, check with my husband, and generally go through an elaborate “should I go or should I not go” process.

Except when Hallmark calls. They got an immediate yes, scheduling be dammed.

I am not a particularly touchy feely person. But Hallmark has gotten me with their latest campaign, Moments Between the Milestones. As you may have picked up from my blog posts and tweets life with the girls can be a little chaotic. We don’t get many card perfect moments around here. So I love that Hallmark is encouraging us to celebrate those perfectly imperfect moments and little milestones that comprise daily life.

Let’s just say I may have cried a few times during the event.
But really how can you not cry when you are presented with a video like this?
(mine is the second moment shared and you can see the girls are babies)

We also sparked our creativity with a writing exercise that was about defining what makes our own families unique and what our traditions are. The prompt is here and I encourage you to give it a go. Hallmark also has a capture of the event here.

I want to share a bit of the Hallmark experience with you so I pulled together some of the goodies they gave us for a mini care package for one reader. If you would like to win it, just leave a comment with your favorite moment between the milestones.


  1. I’m pretty sure that we have never had a card perfect moment. Our life is just too chaotic for that. But, we embrace the chaos. It’s fine as long as we’re all having fun, right? RIGHT?
    There are moments like when Fidget tells me that he feels loved, or Mini-Me tells me that myself and Sergeant Handsome and Fidget and Chuckles are his “best,” or pretty much any time Chuckles lets out a belly laugh. Or when any of the kids laugh, actually. For me, letting go of that card perfect ideal lets me enjoy some of those smaller moments more.

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