The Lazy Parent Baby Book : Your Kid the Collector

So I took a break from blogging after the new year to get to work on my resolutions. This is the year I jump back into working professionally (because staying at home and freelancing are definitely work yo.) But I knew in order to do that successfully I had to get a handle on the house situation. Let’s just say I am not a natural homemaker. A few years ago I was using the Motivated Moms system (basically chore breakdowns by day) and my house looked awesome. So I ponied up the $10 for the iPhone app and am back on the horse.

One thing I love about the lists are the reminders to do things like work on your kids’ scrapbooks and baby books. Because we have no scrapbooks and the girls’ baby books are close to empty. Of course now that they are four I need some prompts besides first tooth and the date they first laughed (like I am going to remember that.) Hence this brand new bloggging series, The Lazy Parent Baby Book. Each Sunday I will be listing a prompt and writing a blog post based off it. Because after all, aren’t blogs the modern scrapbook?

I hope you will leave a comment if you join me. I would love to see what you write!

This week’s prompt : Is your kid a collector? What do they like to amass multiples of?

When I was a kid, I was very into collecting things: matchbox cars, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, rocks, roly poly bugs, stickers, coins. So I thought my kids would be the same way. I don’t know if it’s a function of being twins and sharing most of their toys or that my adult anti-pack rat habit has rubbed off on them, but the girls really aren’t in to collecting things.

They only have a couple of possessions that are favorites (their blankets and the Pook-a-Look Minnie and Goofy we got them at Disney Social Media Moms last year.) Besides those items, they are much more into pure imagination (the couch cushions are their favorite “toys” much to my husband’s dismay) and art than toys.

Usually this means is useless to try and buy them theme presents. Often by the time they got something they like they have already moved on to something else. And sometimes I wish they did collect something just so I would have a ready made gift idea. But most of the time I am just happy there’s not more stuff in my house!


  1. My guys don’t collect anything either. And Addison isn’t really “into” anything so we finally just got her a desk because she loves to write. Jacob will take anything Cars, but I don’t really think that is collecting so much as obessing 🙂

    I’m going to check out the Motivated Moms thing. I got some iTunes gift cards for Christmas.

    PS, glad to see you’re back. I was wondering where you were!

  2. Semi-Feral Mama says:

    My kids collect bruises (from a billion inanimate objects and sometimes from each other) and time-outs.

  3. My middle one, The Diva, collects rocks like a crazy person. Rocks from the park, the beach, the back yard, any parking lot we are in, anywhere. The other day she told me she was going to be a science girl when she grew up. I said, ” I thought you wanted to be a princess.” She said, “Mom, I am already a princess, now I am going to be a science girl.” I am one proud momma!

  4. mamawelters says:

    Miss R doesn’t really collect anything. She amasses quite a collection of index cards which she uses to write “notes” make “cards” and generally just strew them about the house. Mr. H, however, likes collecting piles of socks in the living room.

  5. Jasper is in a bizarre army man phase right now. He wears his grandpa’s old army beret and his rainboots, toting a knight’s shield and Boba Fett’s blast rifle around the house. It’s pretty funny. Also sadly hard to capture on film. Roo likes to make books. My favorites so far are the one about our turtle and one about a lonely girl. I have high hopes for her imminent riot grrl zinemaker phase.

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