The Amazing Zhus Review

We received a selection of The Amazing Zhus for review on the blog.

The Amazing Zhus Logo

Hot Toys 2014 reviews are running a bit behind on the whole bloggity blog. I feel like unconsciously I was perhaps delaying this one because I wanted ALL THE ZHUS for myself. I mean the girls, yes for the girls. That’s the ticket. We have just had WAY too much fun with these. And they are already selling out everywhere.

The Amazing Zhus Collection

Basically Zhus are those little crazy hamsters that everyone loved a few years back but got stuck in kids’ hair (seriously, don’t hold them next to your head.) But this version is magical. Not even joking around here. They do all sorts of magic tricks. The girls loved them and we have spent hours playing with them. Read on for what we played with and what were our favorites.

We were sent the following:
-Madame Zhu
Amazing Shell Game
-Disappearing Box
-High Dive

Best of the Amazing Zhus? The Magicican Pets! Madame Zhu and her magic pal The Amazing Zhu will amaze you with their mystical abilities. These special Amazing Zhus wear magic hats that identify them as part of the Magician’s Circle. They correctly guess the answers to the Magician’s Cards (three included) and will follow the included magic wand. Mredicts the correct answer to the magician cards — every time! Point the magic wand and she will follow! They also “speak” with over 200 funny sound effects. The magician pets require 2 AAA batteries but they come ready to go.

They also work with the shell game which plays out like the classic street game except the Magician Pets always win. You hide the pea under a shell, shuffle them around, and the Amazing Zhus Magician Pets will go right to it.
Madame Zhu of the Amazing zhus

We put Abra to work on the High Dive. The only flaw in this fun is getting the Zhu on the stunt ball. It was impossible for the girls and honestly a little tough for even me. But once we had the Zhu attached, it was like being at the circus. Then it was Madame Zhu’s turn!

You show the Zhu the magician card and then the act begins. They act scared at first but eventually work up the courage to make the brave leap of faith. There are even cheers and gasps from the crowd which cracked the girls up. The high dive works with both the Magicians and the stunt pets.

The only Zhu item we weren’t crazy about was the Disappearing Box. It’s a cool idea and the one time I executed it the girls ooooed and aaahed. But there is no way they could do it on their own. Even I had a hard time with the latches. We’re looking forward to trying out some of the other items though like the Tomato Can and the Circus Ball.

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