Thank The Heavens for Television

As part of the US Cellular Brigade, I get to write about all the ways technology enhances my life and for this month’s sponsored post I had to write about one of my favorite ways: the Google Play store/iTtunes. Because hello, Fall TV!

We’re one of the many American households that have cute cable cord. It took us way longer than it did to ditch the landline (we did that back in 2006.) I just couldn’t let go of my precious, precious DVR. Then came streaming. Now I get to watch whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.

Which is good because HELLO AWESOME FALL TV SEASON.

AS I type this, I am watching The Voice with my husband, one of the few shows we try to catch as soon as it airs so as not to spoil the results from the constant social media updates. But almost everything else gets caught on the go via my phone. Yes I am one of those people sitting in the parking lot watching my phone while my kids finish up their things.

I know, I know, maybe I need to cut the cord to my cell phone but in the crazy part time worker, full time mom life rare are the moments when I can sit down and catch up on shows. And with so many shows out that I want to watch (How To Get Away With Murder, Blackish, Selfie, A-Z, Gracepoint) I have to catch up when I can.

And those nights when we can’t pull up The Voice via over the air or on Hulu (holy cable outages Mediacom,) we are able to watch it together via our old reliable, the U.S. Cellular’s 4G LTE network. Pharrell and Gwen are totally worth burning date minutes for. It’s the one time I wish I had the Samsung Galaxy S5 instead of the iPhone 5s. The screen on that thing is AMAZEBALLS.

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