Fast Food Friday : Tex-Mex Tacos

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TexMex Tacos With Tyson Crispy Chicken Bites

Today’s Fast Food Friday features a twist on a house favorite (fish tacos.) With so many friends with fish allergies, I wanted to create a dish that was fast but could be eaten by everyone. Enter Tyson’s Crispy Chicken Breast Nuggets. Click through for the how to for this (bound to be) new family favorite. If you want to see the whole journey, check out my Google Plus Album.

Friday are often chaotic around here. That’s why the Fast Food Friday series was born. These recipes are easy to make but still a great quality meal for your family. As I mentioned, we often make fish tacos for ourselves. But I was seeking a easy alternative (breading the fish and frying or baking it takes a bit of time) that would also be safe to eat for our friends with food allergies. Enter Tyson. Their new Crispy Chicken Breast Bites are the perfect replacement for my fish chunks. This is not your average chicken nugget.

They are:

  • 100% All Natural
  • Crispy Breading (so they are lighter than popcorn chicken or nuggets)
  • Fully Cooked (you can use them in a flash)
  • 16g Protein per serving (love getting this into my picky eaters)
  • Whole muscle chicken breast chunks (again, picky eaters!)
  • Less breading (these are NOT your kids’ nuggets!)

The great thing about tacos is that you can tweak them to your liking. To keep these in the vein of traditional fish tacos I used mango and chipotle sauces along with queso fresco and guacamole. But to make them more Tex-Mex, I skipped the slaw and the sauces are actually made for BBQ. Here are pictures with layering instructions!
TexasTongue Twister TexMex Taco
Ladies Love LL Cool Cancun Taco

Want to try before you buy? There will be demos of this new item at participating Sam’s Clubs this month. You can also find out more on Facebook and Twitter. Would love to hear what you would do with these chicken pieces!


  1. These all look and sound great, we don’t have kids in the house anymore(all grown up not thrown out haha!) but I always have tysons in the freezer for quick meals. Have to try the tacos for sure! Thanks!

  2. We love anything that has the word taco in it! These look really tasty!

  3. I have never done this twist with tacos before, I will have to remember it. The tortilla look really good too, they are black bean? Thank you for the recipe idea they look delicious.

  4. We are HUGE taco fans in my family. I always just put a lot of stuff out and let everyone make their own to suit their own tastes. I love your ideas and I haven’t tried black bean tortillas yet. I need to look for those. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  5. YUM…. that looks great! That will work really good for us on baseball game nights, we don’t usually get home till around 8:30

  6. Shamefully, my family has never swayed far from the tradition idea of a taco. I have to admit though- these look delish!! I’ll be keeping these in mind for an upcoming dinner soon 😀 TY for sharing!

  7. I am always wanting new food ideas! Thanks so muuch

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