Ten Things To Do This Summer

It’s summer time! Well not really, since my girls still aren’t out of school thanks to the GOT like Winter. But I can’t hold it back any longer, so this week is all about summer. In the past, I have attempted extensive summer bucket lists, but this summer I am being realistic and naming only ten things I want to do.

Summer Bucket List

  1. Go to Six Flags: My kids earned free passes to Six Flags through their reading program. WE have never been to the one in St. Louis before and though I feel like most of the rides will be too scary for the girls, I still want to take them with their passes as a reward for their hard work.
  2. Head to Kansas City to check out Legoland and the aquarium: We love going to Kansas City but we haven’t taken the girls in over a year. WE want to revisit old favorites like Kaleidoscope, especially since we have haven’t been there since the girls were four. This free attraction from Hallmark is AMAZING. But we also definitely want to see the new Legoland and aquarium at Crown Center.
  3. Bike the Katy Trail: Too often we ignore this amazing local trail. The girls are still on training wheels but this trail is flat enough for the whole family to enjoy.
  4. Ride the World’s Tallest Water Slide: Call me an adrenaline junkie but I so want to ride the new slide at the Kansas City Schlitterbahn. And while I am climbing the steps to the top, the girls and my husband can enjoy the awesome family atmosphere. We used to live near the original park in New Braunfels and they are the gold standard for water parks.
  5. Go to the Swim Club 80 Times: We are official swim club members this summer and I am determined to go at least 80 times to bring out price per use down to six dollars. It won’t be hard; hanging out at the swim club is the best. We love hanging out with our neighbors at the local swim club, splashing in the pool or playing on the basketball courts and swim set. Swim clubs are a total Midwest thing that I DID NOT get  when we moved here. But now we love spending the afternoon and evenings there.
  6. Participate in the local library’s reading program: We did this last year and had such a blast. Our library has kids do reading and activities. It’s such a great way to get the whole family involved.
  7. Complete the 26.2 miles program with the kids:
  8. Grill out whenever possible. We have an awesome grill that does not get enough use. So this summer I intend to use it every weekend. Have any good grilling recipes? Because I need them!
  9. Take an epic family road trip. Can you believe we have only take one family vacation? Our trip to Disney for Social Media Moms was amazing but it was almost four years ago (impossible!) This summer are planning a trip to Mount Rushmore and Devil’s Tower with plenty of stops along the way. The girls will probably whine the entire time but I know it is also something they will remember for a long time.
  10. Take time for Self Care: With the girls’ medical and school problems, it has been a long Spring. I am trying to remember to take more time to make sure I am okay. The past few months wrung me out spiritually and physically and I have realized that I can’t be a good mother and wife if I don’t take care of myself.

Would love to hear what is on your summer to do list!!!


  1. Sounds like you’ve got a fun summer planned! We’ll be busy this Summer with a few trips as well as getting my daughter ready for her upcoming Hula competition.

  2. I need to do every single one of these things, but it’s so good to have a list up- let me know how the Six Flags trip goes! I’ve been nervous about using the reading pass because of all the gigantic coasters.

    • I am wondering how much we will actually be able to ride. The girls are short for their age and scaredy cats. I think they have a waterpark too though.

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