Ten Reasons I Hate Google Plus


Oh Google, I’ve been a fan for a long time. Gmail makes me happy, Picassa makes me sing. But Google Plus just makes me mad. Here’s why:

1. Google Hangouts: Hangouts have validated video as a normal form of communication. Um Google, I am on the ineternet because I don’t like interacting with people in real life. Now you want to me to see and talk to them just like they are across the table from me. Thanks for nothing.

2. Chris Brogan: I met him in person and he seems like a nice guy even if he seemed to think it was odd that I asked him where he lived. What can I say? I suck at small talk, especially over cocktails. And yes, he seems to have a lot of interesting things to say. But Google Plus could be renamed Chris Brogan Plus. This could be remedied by the whole Facebook technique of hiding but there’s not a one click way to do that on Google Plus

3. Design: Wait is this secretly a Microsoft product? Because it seems overly complex (see above complaint). Now Google can get a too treasure hunt like at times. And by that I mean that (see my tips on Gmail hacking here) you often have to spend some time finding out the best ways to use Google products. But overall they seem to work the way people think without being overly designy (I am looking at you Apple.)  But Google plus is clunky and lacks the intuitiveness of their other products. I think the programmers of Google are messing with our minds.

4. Time Suck: much like the rabbit hole Google Plus leads me into endless amounts of clicking. And it’s just one more thing I have to do social media wise. That I can’t manage from a third party app.

5. Spammers: it took them about a week and a half to catch on. And now they won’t stop

6. The Home Icon: It’s ugly. Seriously no one could come up with something besides that sad little house?

7. Being Added to Circles: In theory this is good because who doesn’t like to be popular even if it’s with random eastern european spammers. I’ve even seen several blogs with Google + icons saying how many circles they are in. But in reality being added to circles drives me insane because I can’t see what circles I am in. Um, Google how am I supposed to know what people think of me if I can’t get all obsessive about the names of the circles.

8. Circles: Why we are on the subject, I both loathe and hate circles. Love them because they allow me to talk to a targeted audience. I loathe them because they take away one of the things I love most about social media, the random interactions that happen. Google has un-randomized social media. They are fun thieves.

9. It’s Facebook: Sometimes I feel like I am the child in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Am I the only one who sees that Google Plus is just a cooler version of Facebook. There’s nothing you can do on Google Plus that you can’t do in some form on Facebook (nothing is probably way overstating it, feel free to prove me wrong in the comments.)

10. They Hooked Me: In spite of everything above, I still use Google Plus. Because it’s Google and Social Media. And it’s two of my very favorite things. Damn you Google!


  1. The best thing I’ve seen is Facebook getting their shit together quick. I think the two will push each other to new possibilities. Do feel strung out though.

  2. Re: #8

    I’ve had a lot of randomized social media experience with Google+. You are either going to have to post publicly or follow someone who does and comment on their posts to make it happen I think.

    I don’t even know who Chris Brogan is, by the way.

    I’m withholding judgment. Right now, few of my purely social peeps are over there; everyone’s on FB. So I’ve been playing with it as a predominantly professional project for the moment. We’ll see where it goes — to something better than it is today or down the drain, I expect. 😉

  3. Yes there’s a one click way of doing that. Ignore. : ) It’s right there beside the user. Or you can uncircle me. Either works.

    OR… follow a few hundred more posters and I’ll blend in. : )

    • Ah I missed the ignore button. But I don’t necessarily want to ignore you; I enjoy what you have to say. I just need to get the rest of the people I follow to talk more. Any tips for that?

  4. I blogged about this a ton… I love me some G+. Here’s a video that I think is very convincing: http://www.jenleereeves.com/2011/07/video-have-i-convinced-you-yet/

  5. I don’t love Google +. It’s ugly and gives off an uncomfortable energy. But now I’m going to make sure you’re in a circle or something.

    • I agree. Google plus is totally unintuitive and horrid. Mind you I still don’t get the point of (anti)social media.

      It doesn’t beat face to face, phone, email or text. It is an inferior amalgamation of all the worst parts of communication. That goes for all social media and ‘old’ media! The news sucks too.

      But then I prefer quality over quantity! Something most people are clueless about it seems… how sad!

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