A Gift for All Those Extra Teachers

When it comes to gifts for teachers, our go to teacher gift is a gift card. But for all those assistant teachers, counselors, art teachers, and so on, we try to put together a little something. These cups are perfect for Summer but can be customized for Winter too.

Cheap Teacher Gift Idea

Did I mention that they cost about $2 to make?

Grab a colorful straw cup from your favorite shopping place (I get mine at Dollar Tree.) Then throw in a pack of seasonal hard candies gum or mints, a pack of seasonal drink powders, and a mulit-package of hand sanitizer or hand lotion packs (always in need at schools!) Have your kids layer them in the cups and add in a hand written thank you note. Done and done!


  1. LisaLisa says:

    This is awesome and such a great idea! We have a few teachers we would like to give these too…..so different and love the cute cups!

  2. Now this gift is very budget friendly! Love it!

  3. That is such a great gift option! I love that you included things inside the tumbler as well.

  4. What a cute idea! It sure beats the GC option they usually get!

    • I think nothing beats a GC! But it’s expensive to give one to everyone we want to thank. For summer school, we do this with a $5 gift card for ice cream or a cold drink.

  5. Great idea! Our preschool classroom has an assistant teacher and I haven been wondering what to get her.

  6. Ohh, nifty! It would also make some fun party favors!


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