Unconvential Wedding Gifts From Target

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Sometimes I really love this whole blogging gig. Like when Target says “hey want to go to our store and show how you can pair up some items to make a cool wedding gift with the theme “Be Yourself, Together?” Um, YES!

They gave me a list of frequently registered products and told me to come up with an gift that paired one of them with other products available at Target. Well I LOVED the idea so much that I came up with five ideas!

Shopping from a Target Wedding registry is so much fun because the couple can add all sorts of things. And it is easy to find items that make the gift truly special and unique. Click below to see how I what I would give a couple that represents the old saying “opposites attract”!

Beer and Wine Target Wedding
Along with an OXO bottle opener, give the happy couple both of their favorites to open. One of my favorite gifts was two bottle of wine, one to drink on our first anniversary, one to drink on our tenth. You can do the same thing with beer by getting a bomber that gets better with age (look for something over 8%.)

Bakeware is such a common registry item these days. But what happens when one half of the couple is a health nut? Pair the classic Kitchen Aid mixer with a Hungry Girl Dessert cookbook and you will please everyone.

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