Target Wedding : The Unexpected Adventure

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We are now 12 years into our marriage. OMFG!
It hit home for me this weekend when we planned out our supper club menu. We could have never predicted 12 years ago the unexpected adventures we would take. I remember when we registered, it was such a clear picture of how we each saw our married life to be. We were intent on equipping ourselves for the adventures to come as a married couple.

I only wish we had thought more about quipping ourselves in a literal sense. Though our china and crystal is beautiful, they are rarely used in our real life. Not even for Supper Club! What is more important to us is travel and look at the cool stuff that we could have registered for


SwissGear City Pack
Rosetta Stone Spanish V4 Totale T
Canon EOS Rebel T5I

We would have used all of the above ALL THE TIME. Travel has been such an important part of our relationship. Our honeymoon was amazing but it was just the start of the adventures we have had through travel. From Italy to Iceland, the trips give us time to reconnect and reinvigorate our relationship.

And it’s not just the trip that brings us together. It’s the planning and the remembering after. We still love to joke about our trip to Italy where we packed old clothes so we could throw them away as we went and then used the empty space to bring back two suitcases full of wine.

I would love to hear what your best tip for packing is or the one thing you do to prepare for a trip. And while you are at it, enter to win a $25 gift card to use for your next trip!

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  1. Opposites attract moment? Well, I guess I would say that my husband and I are opposites that attract because he is into playing sports (snowboarding, skiing, baseball, rollerblading) while I’m what you would call “indoorsy”.

  2. I use Traveler’s Checklist in addition to my phone to prepare for a trip.

  3. Jessica Beard says:

    I use the weekly advertisement to prepare for a shopping trip.

  4. shelly peterson says:

    I don’t travel much, but I pack light and just take the necessities.

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