Tailgate Time!

Friends, when Country Outfitter asked me if I wanted to post about tailgate fashion my answer was a resounding HECK YES! I admit, I don’t know too much or get too worked up about college football but tailgating on the other hand… sign me up!

Tailgate Fashion With Country Outfitter

What could be better than hanging out with your friends, playing games, eating great food (calories totally don’t count if they are eaten outside,) and having some hometown pride. So I knew I had to post today on this very important holiday: show your colors day! My city is head to toe in black and gold.

Mizzou Show Your Colors

Since I am more a fan of the food than the team, I like to keep myself a little more on the subtle side. This is more my style of Missouri Pride:

Missouri Pride Bracelet

But Country Outfitter has my back, they have tailgate fashion for the most ardent fan down to someone like me who wants to look cute in a pair of boots while drinking my beer. They do a fabulous job featuring different outfits on their blog. I picked a few of my favorites to share with you, all featuring boots because you so want to be wearing real shoes when you are hanging out in a parking lot and hitting the porta potty.

Tailgate Country Outfitter Fashion

1. Fall Style: Can’t wait to be cozy in a similar ensemble. Dresses with long sweaters are one of my go tos. You look pulled together, stay warm, and still feel like you are wearing a tshirt!
2. Summer Bliss: Let’s face it, everyone is back to school but it still feels like summer out there. This outfit keeps you cool but pulled together.
3. Fashion Diva: Mizzou joined the SEC last year and as a Dallas girl, I know how Southern fans like to look sharp. This look is deceptively easy, pair a comfy dress with boots and a statement necklace. Done and done.

As the season goes on I will be updating my Pinterest board with my tailgate favorites, heavy on the fashion and food.

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I’d love to hear what you love to bring to tailgates

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