LiveBlog Wordcamp KC : So you have a blog, now what?

Day two of Wordcamp Kansas City it starting off with a session from Syed Balkhi on planning and excuting your blog. Yesterday I was typing furiously during his session on monetizing your blog so I drank extra coke this morning in order to be on my game for this session. So here you go, Sayed's guide to starting your blog (on Wordpress of course!) Start off with your goals, know what you want to do with your blog. Have a plan for what your content will be. Then imagine your audience... who is going to read that content you are writing. Think about the individuals who will come to your site and what they want to read. How long will you be doing this? What is your exit strategy? Know where your blog will go and how it will end. Visualize the far reaching plan for your blog. Now that you have that figured out, it's time to  start. Get a great looking theme and then remember the commandment of  blogging: content is king.  You can have a catchy title, just use a SEO plug in to have … [Read more...]

LiveBlogging Wordcamp Kansas City : WordPress Marketing & Monetizing Your Blog

Wordpress Evangelist from a Marketing Perspective presented by Scott Shorter of Concera Media Wordpress as a content platform gives you control and empowers you to create. The Basics of Marketing through Wordpress: A w3c standards complaint theme - go to to check to see if your theme is compliant Good on-page SEO practices - use meta-tags, Google friendly in every way possible : use Google Webmasters Social Intergration : use social media tools as a funnel to your site, then use Google analytics to track where you should be spending your time online Conversion Goals like email signups Tracking and reporting of results : really use Google analytics, set goals   Foundations for WordPress as Your Marketing Platform Google anlyticator Plugin : puts it on your dashboard so it available right when you log in XML sitemaps Plugin All-in-one SEO plugin Mailchimp (or similar plugin) : premium theme framework : clean themes like Thesis do well in … [Read more...]

LiveBlogging WordCamp Kansas City : Why WordPress Is the Best Choice for Business

Afternoon session two :  Rick Nielson is presenting Why Wordpress is the Best Choice for Business. Check Rick, aka The Web Trainer, out on his website, YouTube channel, and Twitter.   Rick says: (paraphrased) So why is Wordpress the best choice for business websites? Because it kicks ass! Session over. Just kidding, but seriously Wordpress revolutionized the web because it made website building and changes accessible to everyone. Why? Fast development, low cost, search engine magnet, plugins allow you to easily do almost anything easily, themes are widely available, and there is tons of support available. Wordpress can take you to the next level. Take whatever business you are doing and think outside the box.  Think of what you can sell and then use Wordpress to do it. you need a home for your content. Social media should be what you use to drive people to your website. Recommended resources: CSS-Tricks and Digging into Wordpress … [Read more...]

Liveblogging WordCamp KC : The Why and How of Group Blogs

Third session of the day is The WHy and How of Group Blogs from Brenda Bethmand and Kristen Abell   I was quite excited about this session since I have a hyper-local group blog The COMO Collective. Brenda and Kristin co-founded Student Affairs Women Talk Tech in 2010. They plan to talk about the benefits, the why, and the how to. Benefits of Group Blogging: It takes less time since you don't have to write as much Shows diverse viewpoints on one subject Better for publicity Difficulties: differing viewpoints can cause disagreement about blog vision hard to manage workflow, quality For Setup: Have a focus Blog Schedule: (I personally LURVE the calendar plugin in Wordpress) Think about how you are going to spread your topics and content.  They use Google Calendar tied to Google topics spreadsheet to schedule the posts. it's done three months ahead of time and invite and reminders go out from the calendar. It's giving me some food for … [Read more...]

Liveblogging WordPress Camp KC : WordPress SEO

Second Session :  Rebecca Haden of Haden Interactive speaking on Wordpress SEO   This seems like it is going to be a great hands on session. Rebecca is addressing hobby, small business blog sites and how to use SEO to improve your traffic. She is using Haden Interactive's lab site My Fresh Plans as an example. We're starting off with a break down of white hat vs black hat SEO tactics.  Use white hat (visible tactics) for long term SEO. 5 Steps to Good SEO: 1. Have a good website: the holy trinity: content, design, and code Make an initial investment to get a good basic theme then spend some money on visuals. The produce content. Initial traffic for Fresh Plans came from just a few site placements. The site design and content kept people on the site and coming back to it once they found it. For search engines, make sure you are placing clear, simple search keywords that apply to your website. Do not worry about personal search, think about how the sites control them. … [Read more...]

Liveblogging : Wordcamp KC #WCKC WP and Social Media

Hello! I am attending Wordcamp today and Kansas City and will be sharing some of the insight through live blogs. First session : Lisa Qualls from Fresh ID and Social Media Club KC speaks on Wordpress and Social Media : A Great Couple Lisa opened with this graphic from Fred Cavazza. Great breakdown of social media for clients... how it all interacts with each other. Her three uses of social media: evaluate, learn, and connect. Love how she is taking that opening and showing how you can use social media to drive business. Think about what your customer is seeing, what you want them to see. Use categories on the back end to push the content you want people to see. Stepping up the interacting for business, Lisa showed off a custom Twitter plug in they did for Red House Media as well as Fresh ID's Twitter streams. Love the examples of how you can show off different streams of Twitter.  I thought I was the Twitter queen but Lisa is totally making me look at on websites in a … [Read more...]