Liveblogging WordPress Camp KC : WordPress SEO

Second Session :  Rebecca Haden of Haden Interactive speaking on Wordpress SEO   This seems like it is going to be a great hands on session. Rebecca is addressing hobby, small business blog sites and how to use SEO to improve your traffic. She is using Haden Interactive's lab site My Fresh Plans as an example. We're starting off with a break down of white hat vs black hat SEO tactics.  Use white hat (visible tactics) for long term SEO. 5 Steps to Good SEO: 1. Have a good website: the holy trinity: content, design, and code Make an initial investment to get a good basic theme then spend some money on visuals. The produce content. Initial traffic for Fresh Plans came from just a few site placements. The site design and content kept people on the site and coming back to it once they found it. For search engines, make sure you are placing clear, simple search keywords that apply to your website. Do not worry about personal search, think about how the sites control them. … [Read more...]