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Disclosure: Plum Alley sponsored this post. I am thrilled to be partnering with this wonderful company!
Plum Alley

It is so appropriate that this be one of my post BlogHer posts! One of my favorite moments last week was hearing Sheryl Sandberg speak. Her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead has its critics and detractors but I am a fan. If nothing else, it is bringing the conversation of the inequalities of women in the workplace and what we can do about it back into focus. And it’s only $10 right now on Amazon! Buy it!

Plum Alley is a one way to Lean In beautifully.

What is Plum Alley?

Plum Alley Crowdfunding

Plum Alley brings to light women’s innovation, whether it takes the form of a product, project or service. Women are inventing across all sectors and we provide an integrated platform to optimize their success by raising funds, providing access to experts, and serving as an online store. Plum Alley features women entrepreneurs and a curated selection of their products, ranging widely from accessories to home goods to services. We showcase offerings that represent substance and discipline in creation and beauty.

Beyond just their beautiful stock, Plum Alley has a greater mission. When you purchase through their site you are directly supporting women entrepreneurs. And it goes past just connecting sellers and buyers. This Fall, Plum Alley is launching its crowd funding platform. Through it women can raise money for their innovation.

Capital has historically been one of the biggest road blocks for would-be women entrepreneurs. Crowd funding is a way to sidestep this as well as an efficient way to fund raise. If funded, the products can then be sold on Plum Alley! And there is support to help the products succeed. Plum Alley is also providing a seamless way to connect women innovators and expert advisors. Plum Alley’s panel of experts represents various fields and areas of business needed for success.

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