Prep for Summer : Summerize Your Legs

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Was that not the longest winter ever? Once I thawed out, I spent some time over the weekend prepping my legs for summer, especially my knees. Now that the girls can swim, I spend a lot more time looking at my knees as I peer over my book to make sure those are happy screams, not homicidal ones. My summer will be spent being a knee gazer.

Summerize Life of a Pool Mom

Fortunately #CollectiveBias had an assignment for me that would help me get my knees ready for gazing, and the rest of my legs too. I went to Walmart and purchased a Schick® Intuition® Pure Nourishment® razor, Skintimate® Mandarin Burst, and Hawaiian Tropic® Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance SPF 30 as well as some fun summer goodies for the girls. Let’s just say that they love warm hugs.

Summerize Shopping Trip to Walmart

While they were preoccupied with their goodies, I got to work with mine.

On the way to Summer Legs

So much better! I am making a commitment now to take some time for me and prepare, shave and protect my legs all summer. They look great, but more importantly I am keeping them that way with sunscreen (which really feels more like a lotion, love this stuff!) What’s the use in having great looking summer legs if I don’t take the time to protect them?

If you are a pool mom too you will appreciate that you can throw the Schick razor (it comes with a cap) into the pool bag for last minute touch ups.

Inspired? Get your legs ready for summer with lots of moisture, a quality razor and plenty of sun protection. Find shaving, moisturizing and beauty products and 3 easy steps on how to Summerize your legs on the #SummerizeYourLegs page at You can also enter to win a Summerize Prize Pack on this website. And check out the All You ad for Prep, Shave, Protect. It includes coupons to save you money on Schick and Skintimate products.

You can find all of the products I used in one awesome display at Walmart…
Summerize Station at Walmart

Or find them in the aisle…
Summerize Walmart Aisle

Now that I have gotten my legs taken care of, I am inspired to make the rest of me look as good as my knees. So spill, what is your best beauty tip for summer?


  1. I need to go get some supplies for Summer too! I often forget sunscreen on my legs even though I am very careful about protecting my face and hands.

    • I am bad about that too Sharon! This sunscreen feels more like a lotion though; it goes on super fast too!

  2. I admit, I often neglect my legs and don’t shave for days. But of’s Summer, which means more days spent at the beach. Time to take care of my legs! I actually have a bottle of that Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen..being in Hawaii, we use sunscreen often.

  3. How nice that you can relax with a book at the pool. Great tip about taking a razor along in your pool bag for missed spots. Nothing like the sun shining on those little pesky hairs! #client

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