Summer Suppers

Summer Suppers

It’s time to set up the garden parasols and spread the quilts!
Summer is here and it’s time to take supper outside!

Supper is my favorite meal to eat outside during the summer because the air is cooler and the family is sleepier. Instead of running around like maniacs, my kids are content to snack with up. They tend to only get up for flower picking breaks and random dancing. These interruptions bother us way less than the usual suppertime shenanigans. And it turns out almost like a mini date for us!

So now I am on the hunt for more meals to share outside… please comment with some of your favorites! We love to eat panzanella, sandwiches, grilled pizza, and hummus and pita. Anything that is simple and requires little to no clean up. Cocktails and lemonade suggestions are welcome too!

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