Summer Lunch in a Snap

Summer vacation is so close that I can taste it! The girls only have a day and a half left of school so the weekend has been full of getting ready. Even though they go to summer school (free here for the month of June, almost all the kids go, it’s great!) we still like to reset to a slower pace. Everything is just a little more relaxed around here.

But kids still have to eat. So I like to keep on hand a few key ingredients for super fast, super fun, and of course super easy summer lunches. The bonus with this one is that there are almost no dishes.

All it takes is two things… Fritos and Hormel chili!

Now this is a somewhat controversial dish in my home because I am from Texas where frito pies come in paper dishes. Or in a bowl if you are feeling fancy. So we refer to this lunch as a walking taco. This is literally the least amount of work you can do for a hearty lunch. We love to eat this before heading to the pool or sometimes on the way to the pool!

Take your can of Hormel chili and heat it up in a bowl or pan. When JUST heated through, open individual bags of Fritos and add a half cup of chili to each one. Add spoon and eat.

That’s it, done and done!

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