Summer Bucket List


It’s hard to believe that this is the last day of May. My kids’ last day of school is Thursday and I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to it. As I dip my toes back into the working world, I definitely hard it find to balance being home with my kids and working out of the house. But I want to enjoy the time I do have with my kids while they are still young so I am trying to readjust my attitude. I may have to scale back slightly on social media work and concentrate more on blogging which I can do in small chunks of time.  And I am working on a list of things we can do together. Plus a few projects I would like to get done around the house.


Summer Bucket List

  • make an outdoor house, tent or some kind of playhouse
  • draw with chalk all over our driveway
  • visit every park in the city
  • frame all those unframed pictures sitting around my house
  • clean up my office
  • take at least one weekend trip with the family
  • become a better blogger
  • rock BlogHer and TypeA
  • participate in the library’s summer reading program
  • take the girls to the St. Louis zoo and Kansas City zoo
  • read picture books on a quilt with lemonade, outside of course
  • play with all the games we own and sit in a drawer unused
  • have more picnics
  • do everything on Mama Dweeb’s Top Ten Summer Staycation Ideas
  • in the eight weeks of summer at home, clean out the eight closets in the house

I know there’s got to be more.  What is on your summer bucket list?


  1. Love this! I WILL paint my third bedroom, host an awesome cookout on my newly improved deck, finally learn to make killer guacamole and teach my son to make my favorite 4th of July dessert. Have an awesome summer!

  2. That sounds like a pretty good start to a bucket list. I want to plant flowers with my daughter, get an afternoon nap in a hammock, and visit every pool in the city…

    And rock BlogHer.

  3. That’s an awesome list! A few things I want to do:
    Clean baseboards/walls/mini-blinds/doors/cabinets. Or pay my teenager to do it! I like clean and he likes money and we both have housekeeping OCD. It works.
    Research a new project I have in mind. Shhh- don’t tell!
    Have an awesome cookout.
    Finally bite the bullet and buy a new car.
    Have a weekend in KC.
    Find a bookclub.

    • I wish the girls were old enough to clean for me. I need free labor. We’re also doing a weekend trip to KC, but it’s partly family related. Let me know if you find a good bookclub; I had to drop out of my last one.

  4. I just started making one for my son today. I’m so glad I read yours so that now I remember to include stuff for MYSELF on the list. Great list!

  5. Hey! Saw the ping back and was thrilled!! I am so glad you enjoyed that staycation post 🙂

    I have a huge bucket list too. Survive? Yeah that’s it. Swimming lessons, summer reading clubs, park, pool, get fit…..just to name a few.

    Good luck on your list!

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