Spring Trends 2016

Spring Trends 2016
Happy Spring! It’s raining and cold here lately but I am stubbornly keeping my windows open and my Spring clothes on. Soon to be prominent in my rotation are the lovely shoes posted above! My friend sent them over the pond for my fortieth birthday and I am love. She’s must more fashionable than me and with one gift of shoes, managed to make me up my game for some more Spring trends.

Here’s what “in” this Spring:

  1. Off the Shoulder
  2. Updated White Shirt
  3. Daytime Lingerie
  4. Pleats
  5. Ruffles
  6. Stripes
  7. 90’s inspired
  8. Wraps
  9. Romantic
  10. Ties


Those strike throughs? Aren’t happening for me. I don’t wear anything that requires a special bra (off the shoulder) and anything I wore the first time (nineties). Also, I don’t iron (pleats). But the others, yeah. Even daytime lingerie in the form of some silk pajama pants. I am planning on working all of these into my everyday style wearing those awesome shoes whenever possible!

Check out my mood board below the cut alone with some places to get similar shoes (mine aren’t available in the U.S.)

Spring Trends 2016

Tied shoe options….
Gladiator flats from Old Navy $29
Liliana Tropical lace up ballet flats (via Amazon) $24

For more spring beauty articles, visit a few of my favorite bloggers:


  1. I love the style board you put together! I’m especially in love with the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress.

  2. I love the white shirt trend. That works perfectly for me.


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