The Ultimate Football Feast

As you get ready for Thanksgiving this week, don’t forget the other must have for family fun: football! I have many memories of poking around my grandparents farm, a different game on in every room. My dad and his siblings has every type of football pot possible going on and there were repeated consultations over squares on the betting sheet. It was a thrill to watch the score climb and the time countdown ever close to my winning square.

Living in a college town has allowed me to capture some of the excitement of that post Thanksgiving football frenzy. The only problem is that so much of the fun revolves around tailgating. And while I love tailgating it never seems to work out. Mainly because we don’t get up early enough. Or the kids are in a bad mood. Or the thought of finding a parking space makes me all nervous like.

So when Sonic offered to send me a gift card for tailgating snacks, I brought the tailgate to us. Oh yeah, ALL THE SNACKS and ALL THE GAMES. And while Sonic is awesome for actual tailgating, if you walk through a parking lot with a flat of mini slushes you are so getting invited to hang out, it really makes football watching a home super awesome.

Football Snacks With Sonic

Instead of looking for a parking spot or frantically cooking, this is what my prep looked like…
I ordered all my snacks and then sat and read while Sonic did the work. Being alone in my car is like a mini vacation.

At home, I cleared the table and laid out the feast…
Sonic Football Food
Everything was done for me, down to the condiments, napkins, and mints.

We had every snack classic: hot dogs, corn dogs, onion rings, cheese sticks, french fries, tater tots, etc, etc. But the real favorite was the boneless wings. I got some in each sauce (Buffalo, Asian Sweet Chili and Barbeque) and even though I had five orders, they disappeared in seconds! It was hard to resist the perfect wing bite.
Sonic Boneless Wings
For the big games this Friday or the upcoming bowl season or even Sunday football tomorrow, head to Sonic. Your guests will be happy, your stomach will be happy, and your overworked dishwasher will be especially happy.

And your average tailgate does not get to end with sundaes!
Sonic Sundae

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