SnowMee, ShowMee, That You LoveMee

So last weekend the girls were SO excited when I woke up on Saturday morning. They told me they had a present for me. Usually their presents consist or a random toy wrapped up in a drawing so I wasn’t too excited.

But this time they were not kidding around.

They excitedly brought me a beautiful black box tied with a ribbon. When I opened it, I found a cute purple snow globe nestled inside. My Snomee had arrived for review!

Snowmee Gift Card Holder


What is Snomee? It’s a creative, fun way to package gift cards. I personally love giving gift cards but I struggle with the right way to package them. I love to express that I was thinking of them, not convenience, when I got the gift card. But most gift card packaging is as impersonal as the gift card. Snomee takes it to a new level by making the packaging part of the gift and making the gift card a fun surprise inside of it. And you can write a personal note that they see when they take the gift card out.

See it in action!

Snomee will be rolling out in time for the 2012 holiday season. You can email them at to find out when or check out their website.


Disclosure: I was given a Snomee and a$25 gift card in order to facilitate this review. I was asked to, and did, give my honest opinion.

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