Snackalicious Saturday : Sweet Heath(ier) Snacks

Five Healthy Sweet Snacks

Looking for something to help you conquer your sweet tooth?
These five snacks are a healthier alternative to cookie and ice cream cravings.

1. Noni’s THINaddictives : These slimmed down biscottis will please the whole family. All three flavors ( Cranberry Almond, Cinnamon Raisin Almond Thins, and Pistachio Almond Thins) come in conveniently packaged 100 calorie portion packs. To encourage fans to get addicted to healthier habits, Nonni’s THINaddictives is hosting a series of monthly giveaways as a part of its “Get Addicted to Fitness” program. From July 1 through July 15, fans can enter the “Get Addicted to Swimming Giveaway” for great aquatic and product prizes. Readers can find and follow THINaddictives on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to stay updated on giveaways and chances to win THINaddictives, a Fitbit pedometer and other exciting fitness-themed prizes. The THINaddictives YouTube channel also has exclusive insider tips about fun, accessible forms of fitness from exercise experts!

2. Smooze! : I received a Smooze pop as part of my Love With Food subscription and fell in snack love! They are a healthy and delicious alternative to the grocery store ice pop! And since they are dairy free they are a perfect allergy safe choice for summer playdates.

3. Crunchies : I tested the Little Crunchies line out on my kids and they went bananas for them! Kids are hooked on the natural sweetness of the fruit and the cute Looney Tunes characters. You will be hooked on the fact that they have no preservatives and no GMO ingredients. One of the best things about these snacks? They are available EVERYWHERE (i.e. Walmart)!

4. CocoRoons: When I heard about these raw, certified gluten free cookies/macaroons I wondered how tasty they could really be. But when I received the samples they sent, I had to give away some of the bags to keep myself from eating them all. The recipe is a collaboration between a mother and son (a renowed NYC chef) team. These delicious treats come in flavors such as brownie, apple pie, vanilla maple, lemon pie. With ingredients like dried coconut, raw almond flour, and maple syrup, they are guilt-free indulgence! Plus they are dairy and peanut free!

5. Blue Monkey Coconut Chips: Family-owned Blue Monkey Coconut Collection just introduced Coconut Chips and sent me some to sample. Made from the nutrient-rich meat of the coconut, the chips are gently baked to bring out the coconut’s natural sweetness and turn it from white to golden brown. These chips are a great source of heart-healthy fiber (packing in seven grams per serving!) They 100% natural, free of preservatives, vegan, GMO and Gluten FREE. Most importantly, they are deliciously addictive. I pulled them out at a playdate a few weeks ago and we devoured them almost as fast as the kids do. They pair excellently with an IPA. You know, if you happen to be the beer drinking at a playdate kind. Ahem. Get them online at Amazon.

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