Searching for a Work Life Balance

This morning I awoke in the middle of a recurring dream: my husband is awaking me as he leaves for work letting my know he got up with the girls, fed them, dressed them, and they’re watching a show if I want to sleep some more.

It doesn’t take an interpreter to figure out the meaning behind this dream. These days I constantly find myself tired and a few steps behind. I’ve always been a work to live kind of person but what do you do when your job never ends. Because that’s the rub of working on the internet: it’s always open and there’s always something else you could be doing. And on top of that it’s something I enjoy. So I don’t mind spending those extra minutes.

Until I wake up tired the next morning. And realize that I haven’t posted on my personal blog all week because I’ve been busy working on everything else. And that I never sent the girls’ book order in. And I haven’t been to the gym in a month.

So what I need is some kind of guidance on how to make this whole thing work. I’m at a point where I need to go all in but am not sure who to make that work with everything else going on. I asked for some advice on Facebook this week but most of the answers I got didn’t take into account my other full time job, servant to the terror twins.


  1. Simple Mom has been doing a whole thing on working from home over the last week. Maybe there are some tips there that might help?

  2. Have you tried developing a schedule and sticking to it? I struggle with trying to do too much, too. It really struck me when I wrote everything down that I want to do each week and how much time I want to spend on it, and it came out to about the equivalent of 9 days. I haven’t really been able to make a strict schedule work recently, but it was helpful during grad school.

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