Reflecting on Thanksgiving

Even though the oven is already going and the girls are running around me as I write this, I am finding it hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday. As the girls get older, the days seems to speed up to the point where I often feel like I just got up when I am headed to bed to start it all over again.

That feeling of time passing is why Thanksgiving, and the month of November, have always been special to me. It’s a time to sit, reflect, and enjoy the season. November means apple cider, jumping in leaf piles, and putting on sweaters to capture those last few precious evenings of light before winter starts.

For me Thanksgiving is never about football or camping out for the best deals the next day. Instead it is about sitting down to a good meal and relaxing. For years I worked retail, and Thanksgiving was a respite before the crazy holiday retail season. And the day after Thanksgiving is also the day I met my husband. So for me, it really is a day to be thankful for the family that I have.

This year we are blessed to be able to see a large amount of my extended family and also to honor my grandmother who passed away a year ago. We are being hosted by several different family members and to some I plan to bring something to add to the meal. To others I like to send something before or after like these Thanksgiving centerpieces or beautiful flowers from Teleflora. It’s a small way to say thank you for the effort they go to.

I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving however you spend it.

Disclosure: This promotional sponsored post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was compensated for my time investment and work on this campaign.

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