Quirky Love Stories

Happy February! It’s the month of love. And I admit that I love Valentine’s Day. I was kind of burned by it back in 2001 when after my then boyfriend promised me a HUGE SPECIAL DAY and wrote about diamonds in his calendar but just took me to a play. However, since I had kids I have come back around to the day and it’s potential for loving the ones you love.

Since my own love story is so unconventional, I have a special place in my heart for quirky love stories. If you’re of the same vein, here are some you may not have heard of….
quirky Love stories

One of my all time favorite love stories get no respect… maybe because it stars John Candy? Long before Mike and Molly, Only the Lonely showed off a very non Hollywood couple falling in love for real and all the foibiles that go along with it. I could watch this film over and over and over (and have!)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an amazing piece of film making but I would also argue that it’s one of the best love stories ever filmed. If only for the fact that it reminds you how much love can hurt. If you’re single on Vday you’ll be glad and if you’re attached, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you are past the hurt.

I feel like most of my romantic history was shaped by watching True Romance early on. probably not my best move ever. But who can resist a guy who falls in love with you instantly and wants to fight off your pimp? Oh and looks like Christian Slater. Who knew Quentin Tarantino was such a romantic?


There’s nothing like cuddling up with a good love story. But move beyond the romance novels to these stories which take a different approach to love. These stories are heart warming with out a cliche in place.

The Princess Bride: Bet you didn’t know that your favorite cult movie is based on a book did you? The story is even funnier in print and hello, perfect Valentine’s Gift for your boyfriend!

Another perfect gift for the guy in your life is High Fidelity. This modern classic keeps it real with twists and turns in the main character’s seemingly linear love story. And it includes more pop music trivia than you can shake a stick at.

If you’re looking for other ideas to make your Valentine’s Day a little bit more special, I’m sharing a few ideas from my favorite bloggers.

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    1. I love seeing The Princess Bride on love story lists. Timeless movie that even my kids love already!

    2. The Princess Bride made my Valentine’s Day book list, too! I love it!


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