Disney Princess Parties Just Because

This post is sponsored by Collective Bias. Thanks guys for helping my little girl’s dreams come true. Hopefully she will get a chance to thank you in person at the #SoFab conference!

So I have been trying to “just say yes” more. It’s a struggle with two kids of competing needs just to not say “no” or “hold on” as a reflex. I feel like I am always trying to meet both their needs which means I never end up meeting either of their needs. Cue twinparent guilt.

Twin B has been working especially hard this semester to up her physical abilities. We have been pulling her out of school twice a week to go to physical therapy (graciously provided for free by the University of Missouri’s physical therapy school.) She has to miss “choice time” which is the only free play period of the day. I feel pretty bad about that so I decided to surprise her with a special treat.

My girl working hard!!

As a mom to two little girls, we have a princess heavy household. We haven’t gone all in but I have to admit that I am not one of those hipster moms who have turned their little girls to more worthy pursuits. After their first Disney Princess movie (the awesome Princess and the Frog) and a trip to Disney Social Media Moms, we were sunk. We became a princess household. The girls BFF is a princess girl too so princess parties are the usual at our household. I have nicknamed them the Princess Triplets.

The Princess Triplets

One little issue was that Twin B, Desmonda Drama, did not have her favorite princess represented. The Little Mermaid is far enough back in the Disney canon that the accouterments for it were few and far between. All of that has changed though, with the reintroduction of the film on DVD. The Collector’s Edition BluRay/DVD is going to be available October 1st and the Disney Walmart section has tons of new Ariel toys!

When I was invited to shop at Walmart for the new line of The Little Mermaid toys, I jumped on the chance to make a special hunt for my girl. I was lucky enough to have a little princess friend along for the trip to help me make choices. Check out our Google album to see how much fun we had shopping! I especially loved the new Baby Ariel with a Mermaid tail!


When we got home from therapy, a clue was left on our porch. The Little Mermaid directed her to our bookshelf, then to our coloring books, then down to our Disney castle, then on to her Little Mermaid surprise.

She was overjoyed to dress up in her outfit and act out the story with her playset. When her sister got home, we had a mini princess party and watched some of our favorite clips on the Disney Roku channel.

The small moments like these are the ones I hope they will remember. The small moments and random surprises of childhood stuck with me far more than the Christmas mornings. I hope you will join me in this Just Say Yes movement. Follow my hashtag on instagram (#JustSayYes) to see our moments.

Check out the Under The Sea Pinterest Board for more great The Little Mermaid playdate ideas!

I also wanted to highlight these Magic Clip toys from Disney. Desmonda Drama’s hands are weak due to her hypotonia and these are easy for her to get on and off. Because of that they really encourage repetitive motion.
Disney Magic Clip Occupational


  1. Ivonne Canterbury says:

    How sweet, you have to love moments when smiles come.

  2. So, by “hipster moms” you mean to discount serious, well-documented reasons not to promote princess culture to our daughters? And by “more worthy” you admit that princess culture is not good for girls? You should read Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture and revisit this issue.

    • I have read it Zac. There is a lot I could say about this subject but I will leave it with this, I don’t think it is ever à good idea to judge other people’s parenting.

      • Like calling a mom “hipster”?

        • There is a big différence, to me at least, between poking fun at yourself for being uncool and telling à friend that they are runining their kids with toys. You know me, you know my girls. There are à lot of things I do not do right but buying blindly into the “girl culture” is not one of them. By saying more worthy I am agreeing that this is one area I am letting into my girls’ lives that is not perfect.

          • I’m not criticizing how you raise your girls. I’m critiquing the justification of princess culture. I know you and you don’t blindly buy into whatever culture. I guess that’s what troubles me about this post. It seemingly promotes two things I would never think you were a proponent of, Kate.

            First, this post promotes princess culture. “I know it’s not a good image for my daughters to aspire to, but what else can I do?” This blog post lacks any kind of critique. Sure, little kids are highly influenced by a culture we often have no control over. However, just because we choose to not fight certain battles does not mean it’s above critique. It’s great that the little mermaid makes your daughter so happy. However, shouldn’t we call into question how the little mermaid’s story of changing her body to meet a boy’s expectation as a troubling story to tell our daughters?

            Second, I’m surprised at how much this post romanticizes things as being the most important agent in a child’s memories. I suspect your girls will remember the time they spent this summer apart with different grandparents. I bet the family trips and all the effort you put into their lunches are more memorable than whatever they received for Christmas.

            One final note: I reject the idea that “girl culture” equates “princess culture.” These are two very different things. Sure, princesses, rather the image of princesses, plays a role in girl culture. However, I feel girl culture encompasses so much more. Girls – yours and mine – are so much more than pretty, passive princesses. They are strong, creative, persistent, confident, fun, funny, all kinds of goodness that has nothing to do with princesses. In fact, none of them are princesses. To be a princess, one must be born into royalty – a life of looking good, marrying a distant cousin, and birthing future kings and queens. Our girls are more than that and I refuse to limit their futures. I think you feel the same.

            Kate, my problem is not with you or your parenting, because god knows none of us are perfect. My issue is with this blog post and its lack of critique of princess culture. You’re a good mom. Your kids are pretty great. This is nothing more than a healthy debate. (And I am a poet, apparently.) Have a good night and I’ll see at Supper Club possibly.

  3. Ro still talks fondly about the Rapunzel party we had when we visited you and the girls! I think being mindful to say yes when we can is a wonderful thing. Especially when we are thoughtful of our choices. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to get my girl into all the princesses!

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