Prepare for Paddington With Chuck E Cheese

I so bummed that people don’t seem more excited about the Paddington Bear movie! Am I the only one who was obsessed with Paddington Bear as a child? I mean it’s a bear in a yellow coat, what’s not to love?

Also bumming me out, the fact that I am just now writing about the Paddington Bear promotion Chuck E Cheese has going right now. They sent me a card to use back in December for a visit and we weren’t able to get there until right before school let out. I am kicking myself because it’s such a great deal.

(For free) you get an adorable Paddington luggage tag and three tokens (though they didn’t give those to us, harumph) and then every time you bring the tag back before the 16th, you get three more free tokens. And how cute is the tag?

Paddington Bear at Chuck E Cheese

Scurry on over to Chuck E Cheese to get your own and come back next week with your tag to celebrate the movie opening. I know a lot of people are Chuck fans but I find it’s a great place to unwind with your kiddos, especially on cold days like the ones a lot of the country is having right now. The high was 8 degrees yesterday here in Columbia, MO!

We try to do the Chuck on week days, especially right after school lets out. It’s a more chill time when you are really able to enjoy being there with your kids. Here’s some more thoughts on what I love about Chuck E Cheese.

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